Our menu

Welcome to the home of Albrecht Dürer and Hans Sachs – the oldest wine tavern in Germany in the heart of Nuremberg!


„Obatzter“ – cheese speciality according to grandmother’s special recipe
8,50 Euro
with radish and radish, served with hand-scooped natural sourdough bread
Zwetschgenbames 11,00 Euro
Thinly sliced cold-smoked beef ham with cranberry cream horseradish

If you order in advance, we will be happy to serve you our 

Franconian Tafeley

as a starter.

Liver sausage, country ham, smoked bratwurst, Obatzter, slices of mountain cheese, marinated vegetables – mushrooms, peppers, artichokes and dried tomatoes, radish and radish salad, served with pretzels and hand-scooped natural sourdough bread. from four persons per person 11,00 Euro


Vegetarian dishes and salads

Small mixed salad
3,50 Euro
Large salad bowl 10,50 Euro
with leaf salads, baked turkey breast strips and apples marinated in house dressing
Lamb’s lettuce 8,50 Euro
with toasted white bread cubes, marinated in our house dressing
Vegetable variation of the house (vegan) 11,50 Euro
Artichokes, mushrooms, peppers and dried tomatoes, marinated with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, goat’s cheese, served with handmade natural sourdough bread

Antipastiplatte im Goldenen Posthorn © Harry Bellach

Spinach dumplings – four small potato dumplings
13,50 Euro
with spinach and cheese filling on spicy tomato ragout and parmesan slivers

Fresh forest mushrooms in cream
15,50 Euro
with fresh herbs and two small bread dumplings

Cheese spaetzle *served in the pan*
14,50 Euro
with fried onions and a traditional cheese mix of mountain cheese, naturally matured semi-hard cheese and Emmental cheese



Liver dumpling soup 6,00 Euro
hearty beef broth with homemade liver dumpling

A Franconian speciality that is only served here:
Three Nuremberg sausage dumplings 13,00 Euro
with roasted dumplings, pork, green beans, fried bacon cubes, spicy gravy and fried egg, served with coleslaw
„Postillon pan“ 15,50 Euro
with roasted dumplings, pork, green beans, fried bacon cubes, spicy gravy and fried egg
Schnitzel Viennese style
fried in the pan with clarified butter
17,50 Euro
with cold cranberries and potato salad

The Franconian specialty

Pork shank fresh from the oven „Schäufele“,
19,50 Euro
the original, cut from the shoulder – crispy fried – with raw potato dumplings (1,2)
with it, we recommend sauerkraut 3,00 Euro


Franconian horseradish beef 19,50 Euro
brisket in horseradish sauce, freshly grated horseradish, cranberries, and raw potato dumplings
– as a small portion – 14,50 Euro
Franconian Sauerbraten (sour marinated beef) 20,50 Euro
in gingerbread sauce according to an old special recipe with red cabbage and raw potato dumplings (1,2)
– as a small portion – 14,50 Euro
Crispy roast leg of duck 19,50 Euro
with red cabbage and raw potato dumplings
Pike-perch fillet 18,50 Euro
on tomato ragout, served with rosemary potatoes
For groups of two or more, we are happy to serve you our
Franconian speciality platter
Crispy roast pork shank, leg of duck, Nuremberg roast sausages, with red cabbage, sauerkraut, potato dumplings (1,2) and savoury natural sauce;
price per person

21,50 Euro


Fränkische Spezialitätenplatte

Bratwurst dishes

6 pieces original Nuremberg sausages 11,50 Euro
served on a traditional tinplate with hand-scooped natural sourdough bread and mustard
in addition, we serve with pleasure
Wine sauerkraut or potato salad (2,3,4,5)
3,00 Euro
Cream horseradish 2,00 Euro
6 pieces „Saure Zipfel“ („Sour corners“) (2,4) 11,50 Euro
in spicy onion broth served with hand-scooped natural sourdough bread
per additional bratwurst (sausage) we charge 1,50 Euro
„Nuremberg Bratwurst Tower“ (2,4)
from 2 persons per person
14,00 Euro
Nuremberg sausages prepared in different ways: Two grilled, two smoked and two boiled in a stock of onions and vinegar, served with potato salad (2,3,4,5), sauerkraut, mustard and creamy horseradish 


Mixed ice cream with cream
5,00 Euro
„Kaiserschmarrn“ 7,50 Euro
served in a small pan Tyrolean style pancakes
with sultanas and apple sauce from two persons                 per person
Oven-warm apple strudel 7,50 Euro
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
Bavarian cream 6,50 Euro
with strawberry sauce, maple honey and chocolate crunch

Dear guests, our service will be happy to provide you with our documentation folder, in which all dishes and drinks are listed in detail with regard to allergens contained.

1 with preservative
2 with antioxidant
4 with flavor enhancer
5 with colorant
6 with sweetener